Which Is The Best Diet?

Which Is The Best Diet?


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  • In the present era, everyone wants to look fit and smart and for this, we are constantly looking for a diet that helps us to achieve this goal. So, the foremost question which comes to everyone’s mind is which diet is the best for me and starts searching the net for the same but unfortunately landed up in a crash diet. Most of us follow some celebrities and wants to look like them which lead them to search for their diet and follow them blindly. We never even think that to get into shape they are or to achieve those six packs they follow a disciplined life, like waking up early in the morning, sweating hours in the gym, and having a well-planned diet.  In the beginning, we tend to be excited and we follow their diets for few days but as our body is not attuned to the new diet we quit them easily and then there is a disturbance in the hormonal level which eventually leads to obesity.


    So, it’s very important to understand that a single size cannot fit all; similarly, single diet plan is not suitable for everyone. We all have a different body type and composition. Without understanding that, one should not jump into dieting by start eating less or starving or eating only boiled food. I have seen many people blaming fat for obesity and start to eliminate fats from their diet believing that this will help them to look fit and lean. Fats are not bad, they are our friends. They play a vital role in synthesizing cell membranes, the formation of hormones, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and a lot more. The same notion goes with protein also where it is assumed that taking a high protein diet will build their muscle and will lead to weight loss.  They irrationally start taking protein shakes, eggs (especially egg whites), boiled chicken eliminating carbohydrates and fats. When we do not take these macronutrients in an adequate amount, body starts using protein for energy and if taken excess, they are also converted to fats for storage. We do not even realize how much load we put on our imperative organ like the Liver, who constantly engaged in converting proteins to glucose so that cells can survive and thus compromising other bodily functions. A vast majority of the population also believe that carbohydrates are the main culprit of this obesity epidemic. Studies have found that only the brain needs 100-120 g glucose per day alone to function properly.

    Thus, it becomes very important to understand the value of these nutrients and the concept of a balanced diet. Every individual is born with a different and unique body type which is different from others. We share common genes with our parents but still, there is a lot of variation and that’s the beauty of nature which we have to respect.

    To recapitulate, one must understand the body type and requirement and then diet is planned accordingly. A diet which is suitable for a person may be disastrous for another.   There is no “BEST DIET”. So stop following anything on the internet. The goal of losing weight should be realistic and the focus has to be more on overall fitness rather than looking thin and lean.

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