Pregnancy Diet:


Pregnancy is one of the best times in women’s life. At no other time in life is nutrition as important as before, during, and following pregnancy. The guidelines for eating well for a healthy pregnancy are simple and easy to follow. When, where, and how much they eat is flexible, and often is governed by necessity.  However due to lack of knowledge, Women start eating more thinking they need extra portion to feed baby. However, it’s the quality not quantity of food that matters and help in overall growth and development of mother and child. So if you are pregnant and worried what to eat and what to avoid, we will assist you throughout your pregnancy with balanced diet so that you enjoy your pregnancy journey without any doubt and fear.

Pricing & Plans

Special Offers For You

1 Month

Rs. 4,000

If you want to try and want to experience some changes with new routine.

3 Months

Rs. 11,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve short term goal.

6 Months

Rs. 20,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve long term goal.

1 Year

Rs. 35,000

To see visible changes & to learn sustainable lifestyle changes.