IBS Diet

IBS Diet

Are you the one who experience severe gastric issue? Facing continuous episodes of Constipation or Diarrhea or a mixed kind of both? Then probably these are the signs of IBS. Diet is one of the effective ways to manage IBS as medication only provides symptomatic relief and can have long term adverse effects. Here food has to be selected very carefully because it can treat you or can worsen the situation. A lot of information is available on the internet but remember “One Dress does not fit all”, similarly diet has also be planned carefully keeping the signs and symptoms in mind so that food will act like a medicine to you. We help to manage your situation by making your gut stronger with the food you eat.

Pricing & Plans

Special Offers For You

1 Month

Rs. 4,000

If you want to try and want to experience some changes with new routine.

3 Months

Rs. 11,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve short term goal.

6 Months

Rs. 20,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve long term goal.

1 Year

Rs. 35,000

To see visible changes & to learn sustainable lifestyle changes.