Diabetes Management:


India is deemed to be the world capital of Diabetes. The most worrying parameter is the increasing prevalence in young adults due to their sedentary lifestyle. One of the major reasons for diabetes is increasing obesity especially central obesity (abdominal fat). Most of them are pre-diabetic which they don’t even realize as this condition is mostly asymptomatic and then eventually lands up in Diabetes. These people then have to rely on medication for life long.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and the solution lies in the correction of lifestyle. With a Diabetes management program, we try to dig out the root cause of the problem so that we can work on it with appropriate nutrition and exercise guidance which helps you to manage and reverse your diabetes.

Diabetes Management
Pricing & Plans

Special Offers For You

1 Month

Rs. 4,000

If you want to try and want to experience some changes with new routine.

3 Months

Rs. 11,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve short term goal.

6 Months

Rs. 20,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve long term goal.

1 Year

Rs. 35,000

To see visible changes & to learn sustainable lifestyle changes.