Weight gain with appropriate nutrition and balanced diet:

Diet Pla for weight gain

Are you the one who is fed up listening to comments about skinny, gaunt, lanky, and gangly? And for gaining weight you have started eating anything and everything like those weight gain drinks? For increasing calories, you might start taking junk or high-fat food thinking that it might help you. Then you need to understand that increasing weight is not about fat gain, it has to be more in a healthy way gaining muscle and strength and it is tough than even losing weight. It needs a diet that has to be high in calories and protein and at the same time makes sure that the need for micronutrients is also filled. You need to understand your body type and we help to achieve your goal with our special weight gain diet plan.

Pricing & Plans

Special Offers For You

1 Month

Rs. 4,000

If you want to try and want to experience some changes with new routine.

3 Months

Rs. 11,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve short term goal.

6 Months

Rs. 20,000

To see the visible results or wish to achieve long term goal.

1 Year

Rs. 35,000

To see visible changes & to learn sustainable lifestyle changes.