Types Of Oats

Types Of Oats

Types Of Oats1

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  • Oats are the important cereal crops from the plant Avena sativa, commonly known as white oats. They have received considerable attention due to their high content of dietary fibers and nutritional values. They have number of benefits such as hypercholesteremia, anticancer and even good for celiac patients. Oats are good source of proteins, starch, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. They are also loaded with micronutrients like Vitamin E, folates, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, iron, choline, lignans. They are available in different forms:

    Forms of Oats:

    To sum up, every form of sugar has its own pros and cons. It is advisable to consume any form of sugar if a person is leading  sedentary lifestyle and if a person is physically active, then too the dose should be minimal.

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