Black Grapes: Whether Diabetic eat or not?

Black Grapes: Whether Diabetic eat or not?

Black Grapes: Whether Diabetic eat or not?

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  • India is a country of the season and every season brings something new and different which becomes its specialty. Winter gives us a treasure of fruits and vegetables which are a power pack of nutrients and will bless you with good health.We are always advised to eat “local and seasonal” as they are in the least processed form and retain their maximum nutrients. 

    These days Black grapes are in season and most of you definitely love them because of their delicious taste. However, diabetics are always in a dilemma about whether they can eat these grapes or not as they are considered to be rich in sugar. We are always been told that grapes contain a lot of sugar but this is not the complete story, these tiny black balls are a powerhouse of nutrients that are not easy to find. They are a rich source of antioxidants, polyphenols, phenolic acid, stilbenes, and flavonoids. Black grapes are known to make red wine which contains “Resveratrol” an excellent antioxidant that improves heart health. These compounds are known to have;

    Black Grapes in Diabetes:

    Diabetic people always crave sugar and knowing the fact that they are not allowed to eat sugar, their desire to eat sweets increases. There is a number of myths around us and due to a lack of knowledge, we avoid healthy things like grapes. They contain a good amount of sugar but that is fructose which is absorbed slowly in the body. They also contain a good amount of fiber which slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood. The Glycemic Index of black grapes ranges from 43 to 53, a low to medium glycemic index food makes them a good snacking option for the diabetics.

    How much and when to eat?

    Talking about its abundant benefits, you might be curious to know how many black grapes one should eat. 100 grams of black grapes contain 65 kcal and 18.5 g of carbohydrates. So if you are eating 100 g of black grapes, its glycemic load is 11 which means a medium range, and if you are Diabetic then you should not take more than it. Instead of eating alone, they can be mixed with yogurt or nuts which make them a complete meal and do not allow the sugar level to go up. Their natural sweetness enhances the flavor of the dish. Diabetic should not drink the juice of grapes.

    In a nutshell, Black Grapes contain amazing nutrients good for overall health but the key to eating is moderation. Portion size is important while selecting and eating any sort of fruit. Anything in a low amount is good for your health but excess of that thing may poison you. So, if you are also having trouble or question in your mind how much to eat? Consult us, we will provide you with proper guidance as there is no study that can indicate that a fixed amount can be eaten by anyone. Everyone is different in terms of height, weight, and clinical condition, thus personalized nutrition can help not only in choosing appropriate fruit but to enjoy the benefits provided by them.

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