What Morning Tea Gives You?

What Morning Tea Gives You?

What Morning Tea Gives You?

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  • I wake up in the morning rubbing my eyes and looking for a cup of tea because without that I can’t feel getting out of my bed. It was a moment of sheer relaxation especially on weekends when I enjoy it with my partner sitting on the balcony looking at the pretty sunrise and enjoying the cool breeze. To add a bit to it, most of you like it along with some biscuits or a cookie that melt in the mouth enhancing the flavor of this combination. How many of you think the same when getting up in the morning? I am sure many of you reading this blog! This bed-tea culture has become a practice in many households but it’s a matter of concern as it is slowly and steadily harming the system. Let’s find out how morning tea is not good for you;

    Thus, it’s time to rethink this morning habit. I am not saying that you should not drink tea at all but how much and when to drink is important. Tea is one of the most popular beverages in our country. No conversation is said to be complete without tea. It’s okay to have 1-2 cups of tea daily. You can have it after 30-40 min of breakfast or in the evening along with some healthy snacks like nuts or seeds.

    Feel free to write in case you have any doubts. 

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